Monday, February 4, 2013

Ezra fighting for truth about abortion

Ezra Levant really does seek truth on many issues, and he isn't avoiding the "unspeakable" subject of abortion in Canada. Here he discusses with Andrea Mrozek of, the recent letter by three MPs asking for an investigation by the RCMP into born-alive abortions.

I was told several years ago by a nurse at the IWK that women who seek mid-term or late-term abortions consent to have labour induced, and the baby is born alive - then left to die without any measures taken to save its life. Women, who have received a diagnosis of a fetal anomaly, are given the choice to have induced labour at approximately 22-24 weeks, because this is the age at which most babies born prematurely do not survive. The nurse told me that most women do not wish to have the baby's heart injected in order to kill the baby in utero but prefer to give birth to the baby who will then pass away fairly quickly. This nurse said that these are indeed abortions, but the language is cloaked in empathy for the parents so that they will not feel guilty about the deaths of these premature babies.

This nurse advocated for "comfort care" for these tiny infants, so that they are blanketed and kept warm during the hours that they survive. I still have difficulty with the entire issue, and wish that someone in that hospital would have the guts to be a whistle-blower. If the public knew that these babies were being born and then left to die, it would certainly affect the fund-raising drive that is huge in this city every spring. Is it any wonder that the Salvation Army disassociated themselves from the children's hospital when this procedure was begun?

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