Thursday, February 14, 2013

Christians should not vote NDP

Thomas Mulcair, national leader of the New Democratic Party in Canada, has put his foot in his mouth (yet again). It brings to my mind the statement, silly as it may seem, that the electorate never votes for a man with a beard to lead the country. That statement aside, Mulcair has offended a lot of people, and not just the evangelical Christians that he took aim at. Even members of his own party are calling for an apology.

Mulcair made the statement that Christian groups, whose beliefs include holding homosexual behaviour to be sinful, should not receive any government funding. His argument is that they hold beliefs that are anti-Canadian and therefore they should be precluded from any funding. 

As Monty Solberg on Sun News said, Mulcair's remarks show an ignorance that is almost unbelievable. Solberg said that groups, such as Crossroads, do so much work in areas of the world where no NGO will venture. They pack up their families, and go and live in some of the worst conditions in the third world, because their faith motivates them to care for the unfortunate. And they do incredible amounts of work there, which no one else has the guts to do. So calling them out for being hateful towards homosexuals seems a little off the mark. Especially since Crossroads doesn't even lobby on this issue, nor does it do anything to bring any harm to homosexuals. They merely have in their mandate, the Christian teaching that homosexual acts are not in keeping with God's word, which is absolutely true.

Mulcair is a Catholic or says he is. And he claims to be proud to be a Catholic. But he must subscribe to the view that one can be Catholic in one's private life, and keep those beliefs out of the public square. The old Kennedy position. But where is one's integrity when that happens? 

This kind of thinking will never produce any Abraham Lincolns or Martin Luther Kings. It simply shows that this kind of believer is a cafeteria Catholic, picking and choosing which tenets of that faith one wishes to subscribe to and which ones can be ignored or even labelled as anti-Canadian.

If anyone takes part in the political process, I certainly do want to know what their personal beliefs are and where they stand on moral issues. Because those issues influence our country's identity and future.

Anyone who takes their Catholic or Christian faith seriously needs to know that one cannot be Christian/Catholic and vote for a party like the NDP. This party espouses things that our faith condemns: abortion, homosexual actions, same-sex marriage, euthanasia, reproductive experimentation, the list will only get longer.

Believers must vote according to their conscience and that means, inform your conscience about people like Thomas Mulcair.

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