Monday, January 28, 2013

Sun News - get it now

Ever wonder why you don't hear much about the threat of Islam on Fox News?

No, you probably didn't, but if you are a Fox News fan, then pay attention.

You won't hear either Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity interview someone who is paying attention to the stealth Jihad, nor will they have on as guest a person like Pam Geller. Who is Pam Geller? An extremely smart Jewish American who is watching carefully as Islam permeates American society and is, for the most part, uncontested.

Pamela Geller

Just last week, I mentioned to my husband that Fox never has Mark Steyn on as a guest. Which is odd, since Mark Steyn is the #1 blogger in the US on political affairs. So why doesn't Fox have Mark on the show? Because he is too brutally honest when he talks about the Islamization of America.

And the answer is:

What with Al Gore selling Current TV to Al-Jazeera, would this be a bad time to mention that Fox News is partially Saudi owned?
Kathy Shaidle on

This makes me rather proud of Sun News here in Canada. Ezra Levant, Michael Coren, and Brian Lilley are unafraid to tackle all issues in the political arena, from freedom of speech, to the pseudo-hunger strike of Chief Teresa Spence, to Islam. They talk about sex-selection abortion, they have on Linda Gibbons - a woman who has spent half of the past 20 years in jail for protesting peacefully outside an abortion clinic, they expose the gay agenda of the Ontario education administration.

Ezra has on his show, every week, a former member of the Israeli army who translates what is being said on the Arab media. Michael Coren has on his show, every week, Robert Spence, a man who has his pulse on the middle east. And he has Pamela Geller on the show, a woman who fought NYC to get her ads in the subways, ads that decried any religion that used violence to achieve its ends. Brian Lilley dares to expose the hand-outs to the state television CBC, and the way the media distorts the news to suit a liberal agenda.

Kathy Shaidle said that Americans are actually tuning into Sun News to get unbiased commentary, that they cannot obtain in the US, even with Fox News.

So, if you don't get Sun News yet, then contact your cable network and sign up for it. At the moment, they are fighting to get a license from the CRTC so that they can be carried by all the cable networks, something they desperately need in order to stay afloat. Perhaps you think you have enough television already, but take a look at Sun and see what you are missing. I will never rely on CBC or Global for the news anymore; they simply cannot be trusted.

And while I love the Bill O'Reilly show and Sean Hannity, I won't switch to them from Michael Coren who has the guts to really talk about the biggest threat to the western world - Islamic jihad.

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