Saturday, January 26, 2013

March for Life 2013

Estimates range around the half million mark for this year's March for Life in Washington, DC. You would think that the largest demonstration in the western world would get some media coverage, but aside from Fox News and an article in the Huffington Post, there is little mention of this gigantic mass of people.

They can try to ignore it all they want, but the issue of abortion and the cry to defend life is not going to go away. As Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News last evening, the way abortion was decided in the US, by Supreme Court decree, was the worst possible way to decide an issue of this import. He said that this should have been left to each state and to democratic principles, not to the decision of judges. And because of the legalization of abortion in such a manner, the fight will continue. People will not be treated this way, and the pro-life issue shows this most clearly.

LifeSiteNews did cover the March in person, and here is one account.
Life Site News - March for Life 2013

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