Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Late Term Abortions in the US

They may only be 1% of the total number of abortions, but that amounts to 40 babies every single day. So they are each averaging 10 late term abortions daily.

Four doctors in the US do late term abortions, and they are featured in a documentary entitled After Tiller. Tiller was an abortionist who was gunned down in 2009 as he was going into church one Sunday morning.

Note the age of the four doctors; not one is young. In fact, it is very difficult to get young doctors to do abortions today. They just don't want to be involved with the gruesome procedure. As this year's March for Life is going to show, the pro-life movement is full of young people; today's generation of young people are rejecting abortion as they come to realise that abortion has decimated their generation by one-third.

Daily Mail UK

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