Saturday, December 15, 2012

Slaughter of the Innocents

A terrible tragedy with 20 children under the age of six gunned down in their classroom. Six adults as well, plus the perpetrator.

What makes someone so mad that he shoots his own mother while she is asleep, then goes on a rampage, killing the children his mother teaches?

There will be many experts giving their opinions on all the news shows that will air this coming week. They are even admitting that this act was "evil", something psychologists and psychiatrists don't ordinarily say. Adam Lanza's mental state will be analysed ad nauseum, and there still will not be anything definitive said.

But in a country where 4000 children are ripped from their mothers' wombs every single day, why are we surprised when violence makes its appearance obvious in our society? It has been there all along, we just have not wanted to acknowledge it.

Mother Teresa said before the United Nations, that abortion was the cause of nuclear war. How does one get one's head around that? She went on to say that, if a mother can kill her own child, then what is to stop us from killing anyone.

Indeed, if we could only see the amount of violence that we allow and have even legalized, then we would not be shocked when we see violence show itself in a small quiet town in Connecticut.

Our acceptance of abortion is the line drawn in the sand. When the US and other countries legalized abortion, we gave assent to the fact that people can make the ultimate value decisions about whether someone else's life is worth living. That decision made us into countries that defend the right to kill someone else if we don't want them. So now a young 20-year-old decides that he doesn't want his mother alive, and he doesn't want those young children alive. It is not such a big leap to see how he got there.

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