Monday, December 17, 2012

Landfill Harmonic

Landfill Harmonic is an upcoming feature-length documentary about a remarkable musical orchestra in Paraguay, where young musicians play instruments made from trash. For more information about the film, please visit

Billboards with a message

This billboard is proudly displayed on Herring Cove Road in Spryfield, just outside Halifax city. It caught my eye last week as I drove past, and I just found it that it is part of a nationwide campaign by the Down Syndrome Society in the first week of November. Billboards will be displayed across the country throughout the year.

What a great sign! Now, how about some signs that are positively pro-life? of course, they would have to be placed in places like Spryfield and Lower Sackville, where they are less likely to be vandalized. Central Halifax is a magnet for anti-life sentiment, and any sign in the city proper wouldn't last one day, no matter what its message.

The Brokenness Revealed in Connecticut

The blog world is full of many posts calling for reform of the US gun laws, in the wake of the massacre last week in Newtown, Connecticut. British bloggers at the Telegraph are saying it is time for gun control in the United States, and praise is being bestowed on President Obama (peace be upon him, to borrow the phrase from Michael Coren) for stating that something must be done about the violence in America while giving his condolences to the bereaved.

Remember Rahm Emmanuel's comment about "never let a crisis go to waste"? I couldn't help but recall that statement when I heard Obama calling for a change in the society, and it is perfectly obvious what change he means. The one that calls into question the right of US citizens to "bear arms", a right written into the Constitution.

It all sounds reasonable enough, and I personally do not see why anyone needs to have firearms in their house, of this kind. A rifle, yes, if you live in the country and/or you are a hunter. But handguns, I have never seen the reason for them. So my initial reaction to these blog posts is to agree with them.

But then I realise with alarm, that the President is also trying to change the American Constitution when it comes to the right of free speech, and he is coercing Catholics to go against their consciences and pay for abortifacient drugs and birth control in their insurance plans.

So he will try to use this recent tragedy to push the Democratic agenda of gun control upon a society that has written in its constitution the "right to bear arms". And it will seem reasonable to the majority of citizens and onlookers from other countries; in fact, it will seem morally correct. And Obama will act as other totalitarian leaders have done, changing the laws of a country; he is just a whole lot more subtle about it than, say, Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez.

But there is a far bigger issue here than the possession of guns. At issue is the fact that American society, and many other societies as well, are broken. The violence that erupted at the hands of one 20-year-old on Friday in Connecticut is indicative of the violence that is lurking beneath the entire society. The slaughter of 27 innocent people points to the fact that there is an evil that has permeated the fabric of our modern society. The act of violence is simply like the eruption of a volcano; it indicates that there is a whole more to come.

Where did the evil come from in the first place? You can’t blame it on a broken family. There are many kids from broken families who do not go on a killing spree. You can’t blame it on video games. Millions of kids play video games and don’t go out with guns to kill kindergarten children. You can’t blame it on guns. Millions have guns who do not kill babies. You can’t blame it on learning disabilities or being shy. There are many shy people with learning disabilities who are not killers. You can’t blame it on the devil unless there is evidence of demonic activity. We will probably never know what caused that boy to snap and go an such a senseless rampage.

However, I know one thing: our society is broken. Our world is broken. Our families are broken. For the last few decades we have indulged in evil. The evil of broken families. The evil of sexual promiscuity, and the subsequent violence of abortion. The evil of greed, and the subsequent violence of stealing from the poor. The evil of war. The evil of drugs. The evil of crime warfare. The evil of organized crime. The evil of a war mongering, world conquering mentality. The evil of forgetting God. The evil of materialism. The evil of complacency. The evil of forgetting that there is such a thing as evil. The evil of living a superficial selfish and pleasure seeking life and thinking that it is simply a nice, cheerful, “successful” American thing to do.

What I’m getting at is this: our Western society is sick–sick through and through with an insidious cancer. Just beneath the smiling surface of America there is a cancer of sin, and the symptom of this sickness is violence. I am just as horrified as the next person at the senseless murders in Connecticut, and I truly hope I am wrong, but I predict more of the same. The sickness is deep down in our culture, and it will continue to poke out it’s monstrous head (like that incubating beast the Alien movie) and ravage the land whenever it gets the chance.

This violence (and the other recent violence) has burst forth from our collective psyche. The boy who pulled the trigger is our son. He is our offspring. Beneath the surface our society is deeply unhealthy, and unless something is done to correct that sickness, the symptoms will continue to surface.

And it ain't gonna to be pretty.
Where was God in Sandy Hook?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Slaughter of the Innocents

A terrible tragedy with 20 children under the age of six gunned down in their classroom. Six adults as well, plus the perpetrator.

What makes someone so mad that he shoots his own mother while she is asleep, then goes on a rampage, killing the children his mother teaches?

There will be many experts giving their opinions on all the news shows that will air this coming week. They are even admitting that this act was "evil", something psychologists and psychiatrists don't ordinarily say. Adam Lanza's mental state will be analysed ad nauseum, and there still will not be anything definitive said.

But in a country where 4000 children are ripped from their mothers' wombs every single day, why are we surprised when violence makes its appearance obvious in our society? It has been there all along, we just have not wanted to acknowledge it.

Mother Teresa said before the United Nations, that abortion was the cause of nuclear war. How does one get one's head around that? She went on to say that, if a mother can kill her own child, then what is to stop us from killing anyone.

Indeed, if we could only see the amount of violence that we allow and have even legalized, then we would not be shocked when we see violence show itself in a small quiet town in Connecticut.

Our acceptance of abortion is the line drawn in the sand. When the US and other countries legalized abortion, we gave assent to the fact that people can make the ultimate value decisions about whether someone else's life is worth living. That decision made us into countries that defend the right to kill someone else if we don't want them. So now a young 20-year-old decides that he doesn't want his mother alive, and he doesn't want those young children alive. It is not such a big leap to see how he got there.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Changing the Demographics

An interesting article by an orthodox Jew

Winning the Demographic War and the Culture War - by Daniel Greenfield

If anyone is debating whether or not to homeschool their children, this article should convince you of the value of doing so.

And I think of a young couple, the husband having asked me for advice on a spiritual director. Our conversation wandered over many rabbit trails, but I think the end result was our agreeing that Yes, he does need to move his family to live where they will be supported in raising their children as orthodox Catholics. Which means, these days, turning away from the cultural influences of schools, television, internet, and any other influence that shapes children along the lines of our present culture.

Some excerpts:

Taking back America demographically is a matter of having enough children within a cultural structure that passes down the values of adults to the children, while focusing on limiting immigration as much as possible. This isn't an impossible task.

The Amish population doubles every 20 years and they retain the majority of their children within their communities despite the obvious appeals of the outside world. There are 250,000 Amish in the United States and Canada now. By 2040 there will be over a million of them.

Would the Amish be who they are if in between plow breaks they were watching Reality TV and getting lessons on liberal values? Instead the Amish segregated themselves from the culture and have thrived because of it. And that can be done without completely abandoning technology as a whole.

Orthodox Jews built a cultural infrastructure to convey their values to our children while cutting them off, as much as possible, from the cultural programming of progressives. The largest expense of Orthodox Jewish parents and the community as a whole is on the infrastructure of private schools that teach traditional values to their children. An Orthodox Jewish community is defined by its schools and its best and brightest go into Chinuch or Education.

But schools aren't enough. Orthodox Jews raise their children on their own books and their own music. Everything that children are exposed to from the youngest ages is supposed to come from within their own culture to such an extent that when Oprah visited a Chassidic family they had no idea who she was, or who Mickey Mouse and Beyonce were. Obviously this isn't universal and the degree of exposure varies, but retention rates and birth rates are highest among those with the lowest levels of progressive cultural exposure. So is cultural secession the solution? For traditional Jews it might be, but for traditionalists as a whole, who have the demographic reach to turn the national numbers around, it can be a temporary solution until the numbers and the political power that goes with them are theirs. As with Orthodox Jews, there is a Christian culture industry, but it isn't enough to have positive messages as an alternative, it's equally important to cut out as many negative messages as possible.

Above all else, education is the future. Traditionalists who fail to understand this will allow the educational system and the entertainment industry to transform their children into progressives. Progressives know that control of the educational system means control of the future. Without the educational system and immigration, progressives are doomed to be cafe radicals. With them, they can count the generations until they control everything.

The progressives have few children of their own. Your children are their children. If they can corrupt your children, then they have a future. If they cannot, then they will go off and die in a corner. The progressives have three strengths, class warfare, cultural programming and immigration. America had prosperity that negated class warfare, but it neglected to safeguard its culture from the left and did not consider the consequences of Third World immigration. With their political and culture power, the left destroyed prosperity and now with all three cards in their hand, the progressives are rising high.

Cultural secession means cutting away the educational and entertainment culture of the left out of your home. It means creating your own alternative education and entertainment and grouping in communities that act as a support structure for traditional values. Is it easy? No. It involves sacrifice. But groups such as the Amish and Orthodox Jews have done it and have thrived doing it.

Some wars are settled by guns, but cultural wars are settled by the schoolbook and the movie. They are settled by the family.

Take five minutes and read it all, well worth it.

Winning the Demographic War and the Culture War - by Daniel Greenfield

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Canadian Abortion Stats

From an article in the National Post, the thing that caught my attention most was the age at which most abortions are done. The group aged 20-24 came in highest in all provinces - most women this age are at university or in some form of higher education.

Which means it makes perfect sense to bring the GAP project onto campuses across the country. This graphic display of abortion, which compares it to other forms of genocide such as the Holocaust or Rwanda, puts the issue right in front of those who are most affected by it.

If you can support this project, please do so. Click on Unmasking Choice to see more about GAP and other things that the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform is doing.