Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Voter Fraud?

Things are just so weird in the US right now, that it is tempting to believe in conspiracy theories, such as the one put forth by Glenn Beck. I watched this video this morning and then googled voter fraud in the US, and found more disturbing details.

In this video, what stood out was the statement that whenever exit polls and election results don't tally, one should suspect that one or other has been tampered with. Certainly all the conservative pundits on Fox News predicted the election wrongly and one has to wonder why.

22 signs that voter fraud is wildly out of control and the election was a sham
There were 59 voting divisions in the city of Philadelphia where Mitt Romney did not receive a single vote. In those voting divisions, the combined vote total was 19,605 for Barack Obama and 0 for Mitt Romney.

There were more than 50 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio where Mitt Romney received 2 votes or less.

There were more than 100 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio where Barack Obama received more than 99 times the votes that Mitt Romney did.

Barack Obama also received more than 99% of the vote in a number of very important precincts down in Broward County, Florida.

Barack Obama did not win in a single state that absolutely requires a photo I.D. in order to vote.

According to U.S. Representative Allen West, there were numerous “voting irregularities” in St. Lucie County, Florida on election day…
“The thing that spurred our curiosity in our race was the fact that at 1 o’clock in the morning on Election Night, all of a sudden there was a 4,000-vote swing that took me from being ahead to put the lead into my opponent’s hands.”

For the very skewed results in Ohio, check out this link. Hard to believe that in 100 precincts, Obama got 99% of all votes.
Election fraud?

But I find it really hard to believe that one candidate would get more than 99% of the vote in more than 100 precincts in one of the most important counties in the most hotly contested swing state of the 2012 election.

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