Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seeing Peter Singer for what he really is

LifeSiteNews reported that Fordham University disinvited Ann Coulter because she was considered too "hateful" in her comments, but they have invited Peter Singer to speak at a conference. Singer has been called "compassionate" and even been compared to Pope John Paul II by Dr. Charles Carmosy, the moderator of the conference. How blind is such a view, that calls infanticide "compassionate" and is taken in by Singer's tenet that animals have equal rights as humans and that some "great apes are more "persons" than human infants. He is hailed as the founder of the modern animal rights movement and has been called the "greatest living philosopher" by the New York Times.

If you subscribe to Singer's philosophy, the logic does lead to infanticide and all sorts of other evils, such as having children in order to use them for the healing of other children. (brings to mind that deceptively sick book My Sister's Keeper )

Let's call a spade a spade. And Wesley Smith did just that with regards to Peter Singer in this talk at Princeton University in 2007.

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