Sunday, November 4, 2012

Catholic wimpiness

When you have media superstar Catholics like Dalton McGuinty and Fr. Rosica openly flaunting dissent, with virtually no correction expressed by the men endowed with the authority to represent what the Church really teaches, what else is a rational human being supposed to conclude except that these dissenters hold positions that are considered legitimate within the “big tent” of Catholicism?
So Con or Bust

And today, on Lone Star Parson, the parson calls for Catholics to petition the Pope to excommunicate Joe Biden. I wish it were that simple.

Until our bishops lead as they should, the Catholic Church will continue to tolerate these Catholics who espouse beliefs that are not Catholic. There are very few clear voices within the Church giving clear direction. And so Catholics by the droves think that Joe Biden and the like are perfectly acceptable as Catholics.

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