Thursday, October 4, 2012

One Crucial Difference between Obama and Romney

I never see anyone pointing out this obvious difference between Obama and Romney. Perhaps they don't see it, or perhaps they think it is irrelevant. But surely I am not alone in noticing how unconnected Obama is. This was glaringly evident to me last night after the debate.

Obama is embraced by his wife Michelle. Note there are no other family members present. And I am not talking about his daughters, who were probably at home in bed. But where are other family members?

Note the number of people surrounding Romney, his wife and sons, and grandchildren.

I think it makes a very big difference in the lack of family between this two men. Obama has only his nuclear family: Michelle and two daughters. Romney is connected with many people who are blood-related to him. One man understands the importance of family and how our society affects that family; the other man, Obama, seems to operate as a loner, not shaped by strong family ties.

Not that a lack of family means someone can't make wise decisions in the public sphere. But certainly a past of broken relationships (Obama was abandoned by both his biological father and his mother) will take its toll on one's personal and professional life.


Anonymous said...

This nonsense is simply unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

I second that comment. What the heck are you talking about?? It is nonsense, and makes everything else you say even more ridiculous.

Julie Culshaw said...

Anonymous, I really wish you had the courage to put your name on your posts. I do, why can't you sign yours?

The fact that someone has a dysfunctional childhood is well known to affect one's decisions later in life. So since Obama had such a childhood, it makes perfect sense that what he does now can be determined by that.

Denying the effect of one's childhood upon a person in adulthood seems ludicrous to me. But in the case of Obama, no one wants to say anything about his past.

Christina Derickson said...

Obama 2012! Because I believe the exact opposite. Obama is connected with the majority of the people. Everyone on Romney's budget, including his family, are nothing more than make-up to try to cover up his lies. People like you keep grabbing at straws trying to prove Romney has a heart. I don't see it.