Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fighting Ignorance

A pro-choice protester was overheard to say "For us, it's abortion; for chickens, it's an omelette." The remark drew laughter from one young man who was standing with pro-lifers at a 40 Days for Life vigil.

Basic biology - chickens produce one egg per day. Those eggs are only fertilized if a rooster comes around. Otherwise, the chicken lays an unfertilized egg daily. This is what we scramble or break to make omelettes. If a chicken has met up with a rooster, she will become broody and want to sit on those eggs. Those are the ones that hatch into little chicks.

As for women, the vast majority ovulate once per month. This egg is not seen externally as the eggs of chickens are. And once fertilized, which involves sexual intercourse, the egg becomes something very different from the unfertilized egg. It immediately begins cell division, has DNA completely different from its mother and father, and if left to develop naturally, will grow and exit the womb 40 weeks later as an infant.

That is very different from chicken's eggs and comparing the two, and then making a stupid joke, displays the kind of ignorance that many pro-choicers suffer from. And they hold signs that claim pro-lifers are ignorant.

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