Thursday, October 18, 2012

Excerpts from "Abandoned"

Monica Miller arranged for the burial of the bodies of the aborted babies that she had pulled from dumpsters behind abortion clinics in Milwaukee. The ceremonies were carried out in funeral homes, and the bodies were buried in small caskets provided for them. One particular funeral involved three hearses to carry the caskets and they were followed by one hundred cars as they drove to Holy Cross Cemetery. Oncoming traffic had to be halted by police to make way for the procession. Passersby were heard to ask "who is being buried? it must be somebody really important or really rich!" To one passerby who asked this question, the policeman responded "no one".

A month after the Milwaukee burial, we stopped by the babies' grave to say some prayers....
Ironically, it was here among children who were loved, wanted and named that the aborted babies found a final home. Their grave was larger than the others and not yet covered with sod...
Many of the other children's graves had small toys and I was glad to see that someone left such a toy for the aborted babies. It was a stuffed toy rabbit wrapped in plastic to protect it from the rain. Through the plastic we saw a folded piece of paper fastened to the paw of the bunny with a rubber band.... A message was written in a swirling, feminine hand:

Please forgive me and maybe someday I can forgive myself ... I'll always wonder what you would have been, what you would have become. I can't stop hating myself right now, regretting the hardest decision I've ever made in my life, wishing I could do it differently now. But I can't. I will always remember this. It was a tough lesson to have to learn ... I pray to God and to you to forgive me so I can go on with my life and I swear to both you and the Lord that I will never ever do it again. Please forgive me so I can let go and go on!

The woman's note seemed to indicate she believed her child was buried in this grave. Her note expressed an intense feeling that she had abandoned her baby, something she sensed deep within her being. By burying the baby we had returned the child to his mother. The burial gave the baby a human place in the world. The awful tearing of human bonds caused by abortion knew a more perfect healing. On a lonely day, one woman had come to this site, and her act of love banished her isolation. In her sorrow the order of the world, rooted in human bonds, was affirmed. From out of all the nameless, faceless children buried there, the mother claimed back to herself the one who was her own.

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