Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Women dressed as..... and where are the men?

Talk about women being treated as objects - these women are treating themselves as such.

..... women dressed as vaginas.
The rally was opened by “Pillamina,” a woman dressed as a giant box of birth control pills, who has stalked Mitt Romney at campaign appearances in recent months. “We’re all here because our awesome president made me available at no co-pay,” she said, hyping the HHS mandate in President Obama’s health care reform. - Planned Parenthood hands out condoms
So where are the guys? Isn't it odd that these women are always by themselves, dressed up as vaginas, and there are no guys around? Can they not see they are completely unattractive to men when they do this? Guess it doesn't matter. Reproductive choice is everything to them. Perhaps they don't need any condoms, the costumes might be all the protection they need.

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