Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two Canadian Bishops Speak Out

At long last, some leadership from our bishops.

It’s about time our Bishops started talking about this kind of stuff. It’s the direction and spiritual support that can make or break us, and they can provide a central point of unity that the Pro Life Movement can rally around. They are supposed to lead not follow. We’ve been crying for leadership for decades and finally we get some rock solid, and practical advice about a very important and critical strategic issue. Let us pray that we move forward in unity.
SoCon or Bust

It is worth reading the two bishops' statements (click on the link to SoCon above) on the morality of working towards gestational limits on abortion. This has been an issue of contention between Campaign Life Coalition and other pro-life groups, and division does not help the pro-life cause. I have not been able to agree with CLC's stand that reducing abortions by putting gestational limits on them is denying the humanity of those who fall under those limits. As the Holy Father states, and Archbishop Miller and Cardinal Collins concur, "to support legislation which prohibits abortion after a certain number of weeks or point of fetal development does not in any way mean that one supports abortion before that point in time (unless, of course, the legislation was worded in such a way)." (John Pacheco's words)

It would be a crying shame if Campaign Life decides they have to stand firm on this issue and not move at all, while other groups are willing to go forward. The goal is to save lives, not to refuse to compromise.

"I have this image of many of the Campaign Life people appearing before St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. Peter says to them, "So you good people were pro-lifers. Tell me, how many abortions did you prevent?" And they reply, "Well, actually, none. But, damn it, we never once compromised."'
- Catholics Against the Church, by Michael W. Cuneo

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