Monday, September 24, 2012

Pro-Choicers are an aging lot

KELOWNA, British Columbia, September 21, 2012, ( - As the city of Kelowna prepares to celebrate Protect Human Life Week beginning on September 22, the executive director of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada has said the abortion advocacy group will stage a pro-abortion protest at city hall every day of the week.

ARCC Executive Director Joyce Arthur lamented that “the city is undermining women’s equality rights and encouraging and endorsing a view that is contrary to Canadian and international law,” according to a report from Kelowna Capital News.

Although Kelowna city council had backed away from flying the Protect Human Life Week pro-life flag, Kelowna Right to Life’s Executive Director Marlon Bartram issued an invitation to local schools to fly the pro-life flag during the week.

“In fact,” Bartram pointed out, “according the BC Teacher’s Union, 197 schools have closed in BC in the past ten years, and there are nearly 20,000 fewer students overall than there were just five years ago. Certainly, the aborting of 15,000 unborn future students each and every year in BC is having a devastating impact.” - LifeSiteNews

Led by the aging Joyce Arthur, always with the flower in her hair. I always think of that sad song about going to San Francisco and wearing flowers in one's hair, thank goodness those hippy days are gone. Does anyone really want to be identified with her?

You know those other rallies, I'm sure - the ones full of grim ladies well past aborting age, marching with coat hangers as their emblems, yelling about their "right" to end the pregnancies they'll never have again. - Mary Eberstadt, The Loser Letters

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Suzanne F. said...

Remember the stereotype used to be that pro-lifers were all wrinkly?