Monday, September 24, 2012

Pro-Choice Churches

This reminds me of the United Church minister here in Halifax who called our 40 Days for Life vigil "evil" and she suggested that pro-choice people should hold a vigil called 40 Days for Choice. Well, they never did. Funny how that doesn't quite work out.

The second fellow interviewed in this video should get his facts straight. When he says this is the birthplace of Roe v Wade, he neglects to mention that the defendant Norma McCorvey never even had an abortion but was used by two lawyers who were seeking their own fame. McCorvey carried her baby to term, and has since converted to the Roman Catholic Church. In fact, she was arrested at Notre Dame when she protested the appearance of President Obama at that Catholic college and his being conferred an honorary doctorate of law by the university. I am sure she would have something to say about this "false" church.

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