Thursday, September 27, 2012

Joyce Arthur's Extreme Position

Joyce Arthur has called for the resignation of Rona Ambrose, Minister for the Status of Women, because she voted in favour of motion 312. A motion to study the science about the unborn and when does someone become a human being? Arthur says that Ambrose has thrown women under the bus. Gee, who is extreme here?

“It’s pretty clear from the past decade of polling that a majority of Canadians don’t identify with the fanaticism espoused by Ms. Arthur. On one hand they claim to stand up for a woman’s right to choose and then on the other they demand the resignation of Ms. Ambrose when she exercises her freedom to choose.” -

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Suzanne F. said...

What fanaticism? Rona Ambrose is HARDLY a militant pro-lifer. Rona Ambrose is closer to the mainstream than Joyce Arthur. When is the media going to start calling her BS?