Sunday, September 9, 2012

Helping to die

Suicide may be a right -- but no-one has the right to expect someone else to help them kill themself. Suicide is not dying. It is killing yourself. Assisted suicide is not 'helping someone to die.' It is assisting self-killing.

For sure, who is not terrified of being trapped inside a useless body, or of suffering from a horrible terminal disease? But assisted suicide is deeply problematic. It turns the helper into an accomplice to killing.

It would turn doctors from healers into the facilitators of death - a monstrous prospect which would destroy trust in the medical profession. Death can never be a therapeutic procedure. It can never be in society's interests that medicine should be turned into a death service.

Assisted suicide is also a slippery slope. The boundary between assisted suicide and euthanasia, which Ms Soubry says she opposes, would soon be swept away. Just look at the Netherlands to see how apparently good intentions about using killing to relieve suffering have paved the way to a chilling cult of death.

Melanie Phillips, The minister for death arrives at the health department

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