Friday, September 7, 2012

Democrats become extreme

The sheer strangeness of all the talk about abortion, abortion, contraception, contraception. I am old enough to know a wedge issue when I see one, but I've never seen a great party build its entire public persona around one. Big speeches from the heads of Planned Parenthood and NARAL, HHS Secretary and abortion enthusiast Kathleen Sebelius and, of course, Sandra Fluke.

What a fabulously confident and ingenuous-seeming political narcissist Ms. Fluke is. She really does think—and her party apparently thinks—that in a spending crisis with trillions in debt and many in need, in a nation in existential doubt as to its standing and purpose, in a time when parents struggle to buy the good sneakers for the kids so they're not embarrassed at school . . . that in that nation the great issue of the day, and the appropriate focus of our concern, is making other people pay for her birth-control pills. That's not a stand, it's a non sequitur. She is not, as Rush Limbaugh oafishly, bullyingly said, a slut. She is a ninny, a narcissist and a fool.

And she was one of the great faces of the party in Charlotte. That is extreme. Childish, too.

Something else, and it had to do with tone. I remember the Republicans in Tampa bashing the president, hard, but not the entire Democratic Party. In Charlotte they bashed Mitt Romney, but they bashed the Republican Party harder. If this doesn't strike you as somewhat unsettling, then you must want another four years of all war all the time between the parties. I don't think the American people want that. Because, actually, they're not extreme.
Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal

Particularly upsetting to me, and to Bill O'Reilly, was the speech by Caroline Kennnedy in which she proclaimed her Catholic faith and, at the same time, declared her support for abortion. To end the evening, Cardinal Dolan had invited himself to the convention to say a closing prayer. I have had enough of this hypocrisy; it is time for the Catholic leaders to stand behind what they say. When Cardinal Dolan says that abortion is wrong, then he needs to act as if he believes what he says. Trying to work both sides of the divide lacks integrity. And believing Catholics are tired of the lack of integrity in their leaders.

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