Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Watching the Republican convention last night on both Fox and CNN networks, I wish I was an American! There is an excitement and a vitality on the other side of the border that is simply lacking here in Canada.

A few weeks ago, I listened to a woman on the radio who is working at the Canadian embassy in Washington and she said that there are two things she does not "get" about Americans. One is their obsession with the right to bear arms (well I don't get that either), and the other is their emphasis on religious belief. Unbelievable! That a woman working as a correspondent in the US does not understand the history of the United States. Didn't she do her homework? Or is she just lulled into that religious neutral zone that most Canadians inhabit? Does she actually think that zone of apathy is preferable to vibrant faith?

When I heard Governor Nikki Haley speaking about her parents' coming to America as Indian immigrants and starting their own business, then Governor Rick Santorum speaking of his immigrant background, followed by Governor Chris Christie speaking of his Irish/Italian immigrant background, I heard the pride in their voices. A pride that they came from people who knew the value of a country like the US, where someone can build their life from the ground up if they are willing to work hard. Every opportunity is there. That is why the US has always been the #1 destination for immigrants from around the world.

The emphasis on working hard, on defending personal freedom, on the sanctity of life when Santorum spoke of his daughter and said he was so glad there was one party in the US that defended the right to life - you would never hear a Canadian politician speak like this. Instead they would speak of what the government should and will do for the citizens; these Americans spoke of what the citizens should and will do for the country.

What a difference! Americans, be proud of your country and defend it with all your might. Because there is no other country like yours. Boy, am I jealous!

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Rebecca said...

The "obsession" with the right to bear arms stems from the strong focus on individual freedom that is such an intrinsic part of American history. The government is composed of "we the people", not "they the government" versus "us the citizens". Therefore, it makes no sense to allow only government employees (police, military, etc.) to bear arms and not the rest of the populace. Once the right of the people to defend themselves is taken away, it gives the government ultimate power over the individual. Very important philosophical point.