Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pro-Life Activity in Canada

Most of the news I read about pro-life comes from LifeSiteNews in Canada, and in the US from OneNews and from Jill Stanek's blog. On Sunday, a friend sent me two large files that were audio files of a very recent rally held in Toronto. This was organized by Faytene Kryskow and Bound4Life, a group that she co-founded to bring about an end to abortion in Canada. Faytene has been around for several years now; she sits regularly in Parliament to listen to what is happening in the government of our nation. She has a deep concern for the Christian values that we are losing as our society becomes more and more secularized.

You can listen to a live steam of this rally at this link:
The Cry

You may have heard of The Cry led by Lou Engles in the US. Engles has been leading vast crowds of youth in day-long prayer and fasting for the past 20 years. Faytene is the Lou Engles of Canada.

Many pro-life people are not aware of movements other than the ones that are predominantly Roman Catholic. It is good to be aware of other activities within the pro-life movement and Bound4Life and The Cry are ones that we should pay attention to.

The rally was held at Massey Hall in Toronto on July 28. There is earnest prayer led by Faytene; particularly moving are the short testimonies given by women and men who have had abortions touch their lives. I have heard many testimonies from the middle-aged women of Silent No More. There is something incredibly moving when that testimony comes from someone so young. As one girl says, you can't deny the pain of abortion when you hear their testimonies.

Most of the pro-life news that I read is limited to LifeSiteNews, 40 Days for Life. It is so encouraging to know that there are parallel movements taking place within other groups of people in our county. I think it is crucial that we pay attention to all that is happening and that we support each movement. We are all parts of the whole, just as Scripture says we are all parts of the body. We are all working towards the goal of protecting life in the womb.

One thing that is being organized is a prayer walk from Montreal, from the first abortion clinic opened by Morgentaler to Parliament in Ottawa. The walk will end in Ottawa at the same time as the annual March for Life next May. Twenty-five young women, so far, have signed up to walk the distance. These are, from what I could tell, all women who have had abortions and regret them; their walk is not a protest but it is a prayer walk, as they will make their way to the centre of our government. It would seem that the present-day pro-life movement is centering more and more on prayer. With a crisis the size of the abortion disaster in our nations, we are finally realising that only God can bring about the solution.

You can learn more about these events and this young movement led by Faytene at the following sites:


As well, the group has put up a site to support the private member's bill 312 put forward by MP Stephen Woodworth. This is a bill asking Parliament to call a committee to study the question of when does life begin. It is not a law to reduce abortion, it is not a law that will change anything. Woodworth is simply asking our elected members of Parliament to discuss this issue, something that they have avoided. On the law books, the current definition of human life is based on 400-year-old medical knowledge. Isn't it time to discuss this most important question? Learn more at this site:

When Am I Human?

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