Monday, July 23, 2012

Movies and Our Fault

All the news channels are abuzz with the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado with the opening of The Dark Knight sequel. With twelve persons dead, and countless people traumatized from the shooting rampage in the theatre, it is no wonder that it is all over the news.

Particularly touching was the account of three young men who used their bodies to shield their girlfriends from the bullets; they saved those women's lives by sacrificing their own. I am sure there will emerge many other stories of heroism and love as more people recount the story.

What disturbs me most is the statements from actors in the film, giving their condolences to the family and friends of the victims and deploring the senseless massacre that occurred when their film debuted. Not a single one has expressed a shred of remorse at acting in a film that is full of violence and twisted values.

When the first Batman film was released in 2008,
Some have pointed to the extreme violence in the film, but my concerns go well beyond that. In a Canwest News Service review Jay Stone refers to Joker as a “psychotic butcher”; Jenny McCarthy in her August 2 review in the London Telegraph wrote, “The greatest surprise of all - even for me, after eight years spent working as a film critic - has been the sustained level of intensely sadistic brutality throughout the film.” One reviewer even called the film “torture porn.” LifeSiteNews

Does this not stir any remorse in the producers or actors? Some venues cancelled the opening of the film until after the weekend, but then after that, it will be business as usual. The business of making money, that is.

I don't know how these Hollywood types sleep at night. I mean is this real work? Playing roles in movies that gain them fame worldwide, plus all that money that just puts them above and beyond any ordinary person. And the world looks up to Hollywood actors as if they are our moral leaders. In reality, they don't show a shred of moral behaviour, they are the most disfunctional people on the planet, yet we put them on a pedestal and admire them as if they were the most important people in our world. An episode like this shows me that they are as shallow as the costume and makeup they put on to act, their moral character is practically non-existent. They make statements to the press about the horror of what has happened, but they fail to see that they have any responsibility in that horror. Does it never occur to them that perhaps it would be better to refuse to play parts that bring about tragedies like the one that just occurred?

Of course, I know that the shooter was motivated by much more than this film, but the fact that he played the Joker when he went on his rampage does indicate that this film and story line influenced him in behaviour that is reprehensible. Why do we condone the film and why will millions more go to see it, even though it is now coloured with the blood of so many victims?

Another thing that bothers me is why so many people would go to this film at midnight and even take their young children with them. What kind of world are we living in that we think it fun to take the young and vulnerable to see a film described as "torture porn"? Are we innocent onlookers to the film world or are we lured into the dark world of evil and call it entertainment? Can you imagine the outrage if some public figure were to suggest that people not attend this film? He would be vilified by one and all; cries of we are all free to choose our actions despite such malevolent influences and the money would continue to pour into Hollywood while the population becomes spiritually bankrupt with unnecessary garbage like this film.

The world of movies has replaced church attendance for the majority of people. Declining attendance at Sunday services is countered by millions of dollars at the box office. Are the directors and actors of Hollywood our new moral leaders, wowing us with screen displays that stimulate the senses and excite the emotions, while our deeper being is being assaulted by darkness and evil? Don't we care one whit about what that is doing to us?

We are all responsible for what happened in Aurora, CO because we have assented to what the film industry chooses to assault us with and we even pay them handsomely for it. Just what kind of morons are we?

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Elena said...

At least one actor couldn't sleep at night: Heath Ledger who played the joker and suffered from constant insomnia eventually accidentally killing himself with prescription drugs. No coincidence.