Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Linda Gibbons Free

An unexpected verdict in court has set Linda Gibbons free. For the past 18 years, Linda has been in and out of jail for walking silently outside an abortion clinic in Toronto, one which has a "bubble zone" around it. The bubble zone was created by a temporary injunction passed in 1994. Long time for a temporary injunction. Linda is tossed from civil to criminal court on this one, because of the technicalities of how she was charged and the charges that are put on her.

However, her last interment in jail was for being outside a different clinic, and she was charged with disturbing the peace.

TORONTO, Ontario, July 24, 2012 ( - Linda Gibbons tasted freedom for the first time in over seven months last Friday morning after a judge found her not guilty of disobeying a court order in connection with her arrest outside the Morgentaler abortion site in Toronto last December 16. She was immediately released from custody to the greetings of supporters in a downtown Toronto courtroom as Justice William R. Wolski of the Ontario Court of Justice ruled Crown attorney Andrew Cappell had insufficiently proven Gibbons created a nuisance, as the charge had suggested. Wolski said Gibbons could not be convicted because the testimony of an attending sheriff was inadequate and no abortion staff were called to outline how Gibbons’s actions allegedly impacted them.

This is a significant development in Linda's case history. Perhaps this judge realised the unfairness of a system that puts a peaceful woman in jail for months and years, while people who wreak havoc during an Occupy protest are not given any punishment whatsoever. Nor are the men who expose themselves during the Gay Pride parade.

I'm sure Linda will be back out on the sidewalk come September but for now, she is going to take some much-needed R&R.

Her immediate plans are to visit her aged mother in B.C. and then take time out to enjoy some cottage life while summer is still here. “I’d rather be knee-deep in grass than in the green I’ve been wearing on my back,” Gibbons quipped.

h/t LifeSiteNews

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