Monday, June 11, 2012

Blogging Light

I am in Ontario with my daughter and family. Elena just gave birth to a baby girl, this is #6 in a happy busy family. The oldest child is nine, actually a set of twins, so you can imagine how busy and noisy this household is.

Stories that I am following is the trial of Linda Gibbons, whose lawyer took her case to the Supreme Court and unfortunately they lost. Amazing that this woman who simply protests peacefully outside of abortion clinics in Toronto has spent more time in jail than Karla Homolka, while student protesters in Montreal who loot and break windows, are left free to do as they will. Abortion is the sacred cow of this country. Toronto Sun

I am also following the New Abortion Caravan, run by the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. They are showing the truth about abortion to the public in Canadian cities from Vancouver to Ottawa. Brave folks, and it is giving me reason to draw all sorts of comparisons with the abolition of the slave trade, as I am reading a biography of William Wilberforce by Eric Metaxes. Good stuff. People of integrity have always suffered for their beliefs. Read more here
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