Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Abortion and Rights

"While doing a Choice Chain, we talk to more people in three hours than we would in three years if we didn't do it," she said.

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If that is the result of taking graphic images to the public sidewalk, then I have to say "do it". It was only when the ordinary people of England were shown images of slaves in cargo ships that they "got" what it was that was going on.

Abortion is just a concept for most people. And, while debates and discussions are worthwhile, most of the time they avoid the reality of what abortion does: it ends the life of a human being because someone else has decided that life is not worth the sacrifice of being pregnant.

The rights of the woman are allowed to trump the rights of her child. If we are going to talk about rights in this issue, then the rights should be equal rights. The right of the woman that is being defended by pro-choice is the right not to be pregnant. She does not die, she does not exit this world without getting to live her life. The child in her womb is denied the right to live. Those are not equal rights, and the woman's belief that she can do with her body whatever she wishes cannot trump the right of the child to live.

It is not usually easy to do the "right thing", as Stephanie Gray says, but whom do we admire? People who chose the convenient way for themselves, or people who did something hard because it was right? Which world do you want to live in?

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