Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sacred Music

Last night, my husband and I watched this on Vision TV.

Those southern Baptists surely know how to express their witness with joy. Just imagine if we sang like this in our churches, I am sure that more people would have their faith stirred up. Years ago, my daughter led a small choir in our Catholic church and for Good Friday, she led the choir in Were You There? I remember, during one practice, a woman came up from the basement seeking out the music that she had heard. And so many people were moved by that hymn which presents our faith as incredibly personal. We need more of this in church.

Then we were treated to a half hour show of God's Favorite Music - with different versions of the Ave Maria. As my husband said, first we got the best of Protestant music, then we were treated to the Catholic. How uplifting! In case you don't know how Bobby McFerrin is, remember the song Don't Worry, Be Happy? - that's him.

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Elena said...

Funny, I didnt enjoy the first, more like musical theatre, but I loved the second.o