Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rights in Abortion

As I wrote previously:

If she (Joyce Arthur) is going to discuss rights, then they should be equal rights. Taking away the right to life of the fetus is not equal to taking away a woman's right to end her pregnancy. A woman does not lose her life if she carries through a pregnancy; however the fetus dies in every single abortion.

I am glad to see that Andrea Mrozek Natalie Sonnen agrees:

Certainly there is a conflict of rights, as there always is in these important social issues (slavery, for example). But the crux of the issue is this: the woman stands to lose some of her rights to bodily integrity, privacy and autonomy to a lesser or greater extent during her pregnancy. This loss is temporary. However, the child stands to lose his or her ENTIRE LIFE. It’s an absolute, complete, unmitigated loss of existence, including all of the rights that are predicated upon life, including bodily integrity, privacy, autonomy etc. - ProWomanProLife

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