Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama's flip flop on gay marriage

As President Barack Obama seeks to deal with the furor surrounding his vague view on gay marriage, he faces the complicating factor that his re-election campaign may be dependent on donations from the gay community.

The campaign is counting on those contributions to make up for money it is losing from other wealthy donors who previously supported the president but were soured by his performance in office, Politico reports.

Gay donors have given more than expected so far, as they were impressed by Obama’s firm stance in overturning the military's “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, the news service reports. The importance of gay donors is reflected in the makeup of the Obama campaign’s finance committee. It includes 15 gay men this year, compared to one in 2008, a source told Politico.

Top gay fundraising officials include the campaign’s finance director Rufus Gifford, Democratic National Committee Treasurer Andrew Tobias, and White House social secretary — traditionally an important but unofficial, fundraising job — Jeremy Bernard, Gifford's former partner.

A review of donors done by The Washington Post finds that about one in six of the Obama campaign's top bundlers are gay.

....... The effort to court gays is being complicated now by Obama’s stance on gay marriage. In the past he has said he opposed it but that his views are “evolving.”

........ “No one disputes that this guy has gotten more done for LGBT equality at the federal level than all 43 previous presidents combined,” top Obama bundler Andrew Tobias, who serves as treasurer of the Democratic National Committee, told the Post. “No one disputes that. Or that there will be further progress if he gets a second term.”


So it is really all about the money. Obama has to have their cash, so he has done what is necessary to get it. And he calls it "evolution".

As Ben Shapiro says:
In politics, it's unclear what it means for a position to "evolve." Typically, evolution naturally aspires toward a higher form of life; the same should hold true of positions. The problem is that if you recognize that a position you don't hold is more correct than a position you do hold, there shouldn't be evolution -- there should be choice. If supporting same-sex marriage is on a higher moral plane than opposing it, then a politician's statements about "evolving" have no meaning -- the politician should switch positions immediately. - Obama Evolves, Politics Devolves

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