Saturday, May 5, 2012

Being UpFront

Two stories this week illustrate the point that it is important to be vocal and public when something is wrong.

The release of Cheng Guangcheng and the move of himself and his family to the United States was only achieved by many people being very loud and clear about the abuse of human rights in China. Efforts were made to keep this out of the spotlight since Hillary Clinton was in China for talks on economic issues, and she feared the criticism of human rights would jeopardize those talks. But as Reggie Littlejohn, the lawyer working to expose the human rights abuses of China's one-child policy, said:

“Some say that quiet, back door diplomacy is the way to deal with the detention of Chinese human rights defenders. But human rights activists have found that high profile, public pressure is far more effective.”

As well, the woman who helped Cheng to escape from house arrest, He Peirong, has also been released after a week of incarceration.

Although much smaller in scale, the case of William Swinimer in Nova Scotia (the high school student banned from school for wearing a Christian t-shirt) has also been dealt with quickly. Swinimer's suspension from school was overturned yesterday, after the story was broadcast across the country. Every talk show was dealing with the subject and the overwhelming majority of callers sided with Swinimer and found his suspension to be a blatant abuse of his right to free speech.

Just in one week, it has been made clear that abuses of rights and wrongful treatment of individuals deserves clear and public action. Most people recognize injustice when they see it; therefore wrongful actions need to be exposed so that they can be corrected.

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