Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Abortion and Demographics

On Talk Radio 95.7 in Halifax, Todd Veinotte brought up the recent discussion of the private member's bill put forth by Stephen Woodworth, a bill that was immediately rejected by PM Harper. Todd opened the phone lines for comments and the first caller was a local union president (I didn't catch which union) who defended a woman's right to choose and said that he was tired of this subject, that the issue was settled once and for all. He has no desire to see it resurrected.

He prefaced his remarks by saying that he was a father and a grandfather, I suppose to give weight to his support for the "choice" of abortion.

I am confounded by the level of ignorance that is out there. Does this fellow have no idea of the declining population and the effect that abortion is having on that demographic? I am sure that he is right in there with all the others opposing any pension cuts and he fully expects the government to keep doling out the benefits even after the pot is empty.

Last year, my little province of Nova Scotia welcomed 900 new immigrants to this province, while in the exact same year aborting over 2000 new members of the populace. So where are the tax payers who are going to pay for your pension buddy? In 1950 there were seven workers for every person over the age of 65; the stats now show four working persons for every retiree and that number is declining rapidly. It is estimated to be two persons working for every retiree by 2050.

The fact is, that in a society that provides social benefits such as ours (health care, unemployment insurance, old age pensions), we require a healthy population growth to provide the tax payers who will be footing the bill for all these things. The entitlement mentality is not just held by the young; even old grandfathers think they are entitled to it all, while their daughters and grand-daughters abort their descendants.

I am not saying that women exist solely to be baby machines; I am saying that a woman's "right to choose" abortion is not a private decision between her and her doctor; it affects all of us. Perhaps those who support abortion should be willing to sign off on their pension benefits now.

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