Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sex Selection

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A US clinic advertised in a British Columbia publication for sex selection of embryos. Due to objections, the ad has been pulled and the topic of abortion is again bubbling over, instead of staying on that back burner as our PM would like.
John Robson of Sun News Network had some good insights on this and he was interviewed by Krista Erickson today. I am hoping that his comments will be blogged on ByLine but there is nothing up there yet.
As Robson says, this shows the weak link in the whole abortion argument. Even feminists feel uncomfortable with women rejecting female fetuses. But in Canada, aborting a child is the woman's right up to and including the moment of birth for any reason. So it is rather late in the game to say "hold on a minute, abortion for reasons of sex selection are just not right" - in fact, it indicates a real discrimination against women by cultures that value boys more than girls. And feminists are checkmated on this one - they have to continue to defend a woman's right to kill her child at any point for any reason.
Holes are appearing in the pro-abortion defence and they are getting bigger. As a recent blog on LifeSiteNews stated "pro-abortion politicians are science-deniers." And feminists are not really feminists either if they support the choice to kill girls because they are girls.

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