Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sex Selection Abortion in Canada

But a growing body of research is stoking fears that the practice may have migrated to Canada. On Monday, a newly-released St. Michael’s Hospital study found “concerning trends” to suggest female feticide could be happening in South Korean and Indian communities.

The starkest finding was in the category of Indian-born mothers with two previous children. Among their third children, the male-to-female ratio was 136 boys for every 100 girls; by comparison, the children of Canadian-born women have a sex ratio of just 105 boys for every 100 girls.

Six of Toronto's sixteen major hospitals do not reveal the sex of the baby in the womb to mothers who have ultrasounds. All six of these hospitals are located in areas of large South Asian populations.

“Note the paradox that abortion for no reason — because it’s untimely, unplanned, not wanted — that is acceptable. So then we’ve got the paradox that an abortion for no reason (is ok), but abortion for what seems to be a gendered or sex-based reason is not,” said Bernard Dicknes, professor emeritus of health policy at the University of Toronto.

As Ezra Levant said, this is the Achilles heel of the feminist pro-abortion position.

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