Monday, April 30, 2012

Savage Bullying

The anti-bullying campaign, intended to affirm homosexuals who feel marginalised by society, now has a leader who excels in bullying.

Dan Savage is a homosexual man who makes his living by bullying those who don't agree with him. He is the man behind the theft of Rick Santorum's website, making the word santorum come up on google as a horrible sexual definition. He threatened to do the same with the name Rick, warning Santorum that if he continued with his comments, he (Dan) would mangle his first name as well.

In a recent talk at a high school, Savage went after Christian teens, ranting and raving against their religious beliefs. A number of kids walked out on the talk, and Savage called them "pansy asses".

Savage is moving into a central position in American politics. His name is on the White House website, he is photographed with VP Joe Biden, he writes a syndicated column focusing on gay sex primarily. He is on MTV, spewing his comments over the screen to whoever will listen.

This guy must be shown up for what he is: a man full of hate towards those with traditional moral principles, a man who has nothing but vitriol in his vocabulary. This is not the kind of man who should be on any media outlet. We don't want any of the lies and hate that he is handing out.

You can listen to an audio tape of Ben Shapiro who is taking on this man to expose him. Be informed, be warned of what is coming at us. This guy is being used by the Obama administration to head up their anti-bullying campaign, called It Gets Better. It is important that people object to what this guy is giving out and pressure must be brought to bear on the Obama administration to get rid of this guy.

Listen to Ben Shapiro here on Breitbart TV. Ben Shapiro Victory Sessions

Article on Savage's talk to high school journalists
Savage blasts Christian teens

A google search comes up with a post by this guy in my local lefty newspaper, The Coast, counseling boys/men on appropriate boyfriends. So he is a Dear Abby for homosexuals, but he has a foul mouth while he is at it.

This is a video showing the kind of bullying and "vile" stuff that this guy Savage spews at the younger generation.
Dan Savage bullying talk
Warning: the language and descriptions are obscene. So this is the guy that the Obama administration has selected to head up an anti-bullying campaign. One has to wonder about their choice and their motives in doing this.

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