Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Issue is Fatherlessness - Again

Why do African-Americans, 12.6 percent of the nation’s population, account for 50 percent of the murder victims? Because fatherlessness is most pervasive among blacks.

The illegitimacy rate among all Americans has been rising for decades. In 2012, we reached a grim milestone: The majority of births to women under the age of 30 are now outside of marriage. Among blacks, 72 percent of births are to unmarried women. And while some unmarried mothers go on to marry the fathers of their babies, it’s rare in the African-American community, where only 31 percent of couples are married (in 1960, it was 61 percent).

The result of this adult folly is chaos, misery, and often violent death for kids. Why do young males join gangs? Because without a father to guide and protect them, they seek physical protection from human predators as well as ratification of their masculinity from the gang. A counselor at a juvenile detention facility in California told the Patriot Post, “[If] you find a gang member who comes from a complete nuclear family, I’d like to meet him. . . . I don’t think that kid exists.” A full 85 percent of youths in prison come from fatherless homes, as do 80 percent of rapists, 71 percent of high-school drop-outs, and 63 percent of teen suicides.
- Violence and Family Breakdown, by Mona Charen

As well-meaning as single mothers are, the deck is stacked against them. One of the clerks at my local grocery store is a young black woman, with three children, all of whom have different fathers. She is living with her children and the current boyfriend is there from time to time. She relates the problems she is having with her oldest son, who is suspended from school on a regular basis, and this then makes her skip off work. The problem compounds, and it will only get worse with her next two children, the last of which is a girl destined to repeat her mother's life.

How do you help these folks to get out of this situation? Education is key. If Paula had more than a couple of years high school, she would have a better job, she would meet a better man, but the most important thing of all, she might actually be married to the father of her children.

This all makes it sound as if, once again, the plan of the future lies with the persistence of women to work towards a better life. But, in actual fact, all the hard work and dedication will not yield much if the men don't change. So it is up to black men to pull up their pants literally, stop being caricatures of their race, get their heads out of the drugs and porn, study and work. Become real men in other words.

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