Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chinese Activist Escapes to US Embassy

Blind lawyer escapes house arrest

“You know he’s blind, so the night to him is nothing,” Mr. Ai said the friend told him. “I think that’s a perfect metaphor.”

Among those who helped Mr. Chen was He Peirong, a family friend who said Mr. Chen had planned his escape far in advance, staying in bed for long periods of time to trick guards into thinking he was too sick to walk. In an account she wrote on her microblog early Friday, Ms. He said that Mr. Chen had called her after fleeing the village. She said she then picked him up in her car, and they drove to Beijing. By late morning on Friday, Ms. He had been taken by public security agents from her home in Nanjing, according to Bob Fu, president of China Aid, a Christian rights group in Texas. Her microblog account was later deleted.

China's record of human rights is horrific. Chen Guangcheng was beaten on numerous occasions for his opposition to forced abortion on Chinese women. He has been under house arrest for two years, with guards posted round the clock outside of his house. He and his wife have not been allowed to leave the house even to obtain groceries.

Let us hope that his escape to the US embassy will bring attention to his situation and that his wife and family will be spared the cruelty and torture that one knows comes with dissident action in China.

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