Thursday, April 12, 2012

Adam and Eve After the Pill

From her book with that title, Mary Eberstadt writes:

Marquardt's work (Between Two Worlds, The Inner Lives of Children of Divorce, New York, Crown Books 2005) among that of many others brings us to the moral core of the sexual revolution: the abundant evidence that its fruits have been rottenest for women and children. Even people who pride themselves on politically correct compassion, who criticize conservatives and religious believers for their supposed lack of feeling fail to see the contradiction between their public professions of compassion in other matters and their private adherence to a liberationist ethic.

This resolute refusal to recognize that the revolution falls heaviest on the youngest and most vulnerable shoulders - beginning with the fetus and proceeding up through children and adolescents - is perhaps the most vivid example of the denial surrounding the fallout of the sexual revolution. In no other realm of human life do ordinary Americans seem so indifferent to the particular suffering of the smallest and weakest... People who in any other context would pride themselves on defending the underdog forget just who that underdog is when the subject is the sexual revolution.

Reminds me of the pithy statement by P.D. James in the preface to her autobiography:
The sexual liberation of adults has been bought at a high price and it is not the adults who have paid it.

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