Friday, March 2, 2012

Student suspended for praising women's inner beauty

Paul Gomille received the go-ahead from his principal to write a letter appealing to girls to show their inner beauty. He contrasted this beauty with that which is commonly sought through wearing revealing clothing and emulating the pop icons of our society.

When the principal asked Paul to change certain statements in his letter, Paul declined to do so and distributed 136 copies of his original letter to fellow students in the school cafeteria on Valentine's Day. And for that, he was given a two-day suspension.

The principal claims that those statements were judgmental and therefore she gave Paul a two-day suspension which he served at home.

Gomille’s family members suggested the school’s suspension is a misguided attempt to discourage what could have been an honest discussion about love.

Following Gomille’s suspension, students launched a multipronged protest on Tmblr, Twitter and Facebook. A “Free Paul” petition amassed 234 signatures.

It seems that fellow students are supporting Paul's version of women's "inner beauty" and not agreeing with the principal's decision that he was "judgmental".

Student fights suspension, Toronto Star

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