Monday, March 19, 2012

Planned Parenthood's 10 Most Feared Enemies in 2012

From a lengthy article in Pajamas Media, comes the following:

Read the article here - it is well worth the read. I have quoted a brief line from each section to give you the gist.

#10 - Steven Ertelt and
Getting correct info out about the abortion industry is vitally important. There are lots of lies and misinformation out there but the truth is on our side – whether it concerns the development of the unborn child, how abortion hurts women, or the devastating effects abortion has had on society.

#9 - Jill Stanek
In 2008, Stanek became a sought-after guest for many conservative media outlets. The former hospital nurse went public to reveal that as a state senator, Obama voted against the Illinois Born-Alive bill multiple times. In other words, Obama voted for infanticide to continue in Illinois. While the mainstream press tried to ignore the topic, Stanek kept pushing it and that made her an enemy of the Left.

#8 - Father Frank Pavone and Priests for Life
The official voice for pro-life teaching in the Catholic Church is Father Frank Pavone and his Priests for Life. Sadly the United States Catholic population — including far too many in Congress — fail to heed the Church’s teachings on abortion. Pavone leads the way in reminding Catholics what the Church proclaims and how to engage with other groups for the cause of life.
#7 - Ultrasound Machines
As ultrasound technology has increased, so has the ability for women to see what exactly is in their body. For decades, pro-choice groups told women that they did not have babies inside of their wombs, but merely clumps of cells. But with today’s technology we can see beautiful 3D images of babies. Science is on the side of life. And those who still make arguments that abortions are only removing cells or non-human entities are today’s flat-earthers. Yet Planned Parenthood has happily found itself in that camp. And therefore they don’t need groups showing potential clients annoying things like facts.

#6 - Crisis Pregnancy Centres
Now why would Planned Parenthood, a supposedly “pro-choice” organization, want to fight that? It’s all about money. Abortion is a very profitable business for PPFA. And every girl that walks into a CPC is a potential customer not walking into a Planned Parenthood. There are over 4,000 Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the country, but only around 750 abortion clinics. So CPCs have become a massive target for PPFA. They don’t want women to know CPCs exist, so PPFA works with the Democrat Party and the media to try to bring CPCs down.

#5 - Marjorie Dannenfelser and the SBA-List
The Susan B. Anthony List was started by Dannenfelser in 1991 initially to help get pro-life leaders, especially women, elected to Congress. It used to hurt the pro-life cause that men played such a visible role (pro-choice groups continue to ignore the overwhelming influence of women in the pro-life movement now and make this tired and sexist argument that men should not have a say in the debate). But now there are many female pro-life leaders in government, and Dannenfelser deserves praise. That obviously makes her and the SBA-List a top enemy of PPFA in a big election year.

#4 - Abby Johnson and other former Planned Parenthood workers
Johnson fled the abortion industry and sought out the help of the folks at 40 Days for Life. Planned Parenthood took her to court and lost in their attempt to silence Johnson from doing interviews and releasing her book about Planned Parenthood. One of PPFA’s biggest fears is when people leave Planned Parenthood as employees and begin to reveal the truths of how they operate.

#3 - Lila Rose and Live Action
Rose, while still in her early 20s, has captured the eyes and hearts of many people through utilization of new media and spreading her message through speeches (often to passionate young pro-lifers) nationwide. Probably every pro-life advocate would list her as one of the most important people in the pro-life movement. Planned Parenthood is well aware that Miss Rose’s goal is to take them down, and that terrifies them.

#2 - Charmaine Yoest and Americans United for Life
AUL has mastered the shift the pro-life movement has taken over the last two decades from a one big fight approach to focusing on small, incremental victories. Yoest and AUL know this is a long war and must be won one battle at a time, and have done that with over 28 legislative victories in just the past year.

#1 - The 2012 Republican Candidate for President
Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund has a site on whom they watch and worry about. They have a list of “biggest chumps” and the first three are Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich. And they list their “biggest champ” as Barack Obama. This leaves no doubt that keeping Obama as president is job #1 in 2012 for Planned Parenthood, and therefore a pro-life Republican nominee has to be their biggest enemy.

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