Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Pastorally Insensitive"

That is the term used to describe Father Marcel Guarnizo of Gaithersburg, Maryland for denying communion to a self-admitted lesbian at her mother's funeral Mass.

The higher-ups in the church have criticized Father Guarnizo for his actions, stating that he should have had more communication with the woman before denying her Communion, that he should have not had a confrontation in public at the altar.

"Pastorally insensitive" is the label put on this good priest. Yes, he did offend the woman in public and caused her embarrassment, he probably upset some members of the congregation as well, but what about all the faithful Catholics who have been scandalized by the bishops and cardinals who have turned a blind eye to pro-abortion politicians such as Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius, Ted Kennedy?

Perhaps Father Guarnizo should have explained quite clearly to this woman that she should not present herself for Communion (although it seems that he did warn her prior to Mass), but this is a very slight offense.
What of the incredibly grave offense that many bishops have committed in not calling dissident Catholics to account? I think they are the ones who have committed the greater fault because they have, by their actions, taught Catholics that it is okay to defy Catholic doctrine and still partake of the sacraments, that it is perfectly fine to oppose the Church on its teachings on abortion and homosexuality and no one will contest you on that. They are the ones who have failed the laity gravely, not Father Guarnizo.

I will take "pastorally insensitive" any day over "pastorally negligent".


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