Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mary Wagner Story on Sun News

Tonight, Ezra Levant had two lawyers on his show, crown attorney Derek Ishak and defense counsel Russell Browne. They made a joint submission to Justice S. Ford Clements for time served plus a three-year probationary term for Mary Wagner who was being sentenced for entering an abortion clinic and counseling women there to keep their babies. Apparently on previous occasions, Mary had given flowers to some women and she had spoken to some, but this last time she overstepped the mark, by putting her hand on the door frame of the clinic. Ezra's face was priceless as he listened to the treatment of this peaceful pro-life activist.

Background to the story:
TORONTO, Ontario, March 22, 2012 ( – An Ontario Court of Justice judge erupted in a lengthy, angry tirade against pro-life activist Mary Wagner – and ejected a spectator from the public gallery – in a downtown Toronto courtroom Wednesday. The judge then sent Wagner to jail for an additional 92 days, added to 88 days already served prior to trial, after finding her guilty of mischief and two counts of failing to comply with probation orders.

“You don’t get it, do you? What’s the rule of law? You’re required to abide by it … You’ve lost the right as a citizen to be anywhere near an abortion clinic or to speak to an employee,” he said.

“You’re wrong and your God’s wrong,” he continued. “You have complete contempt … There is a right to (abortion) in this country … You don’t have a right to cause (abortion-seeking women) extra pain and grief the way you do.”

The above quote from the judge in Mary's case revealed an eruption of temper from the magistrate, something unheard of in a courtroom. And as Ezra Levant pointed out, this reveals a bias on the part of the judge. If he had said to a Jew, or a Muslim, or a Buddhist, that "your God's wrong", he would have received a public lashing from media and from higher authorities. In fact, Ezra said such a judge's very role would be under scrutiny. But when it comes to law enforcement and Christians and pro-lifers, continued Levant, the latter are usually treated unfairly.

This is great, because once Ezra Levant gets hold of a story about injustice, he is like a dog with a bone. And I look forward to seeing further developments in this story.

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