Monday, March 5, 2012

The left hates Breitbart for his effectiveness in getting out the truth.

It’s not an accident that the welfare state growth took off in the 1960’s, the decade of the sexual revolution, the pill, and shortly therefore, legalization of abortion under all circumstances.

It’s the same culture that forces me to get police protection to talk about personal responsibility on college campuses.

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Star Parker on Town Hall

Star Parker knows what she is talking about. From Wikipedia:

A conservative African American woman, Parker spent her teen and early adult years as an unemployed mother on welfare. She has chronicled her teenaged arrests for shoplifting and her having had four abortions.[5] After embracing the Christian religion, Parker embarked upon a career as a spokesperson for conservative social and political causes. She opposes many public entitlements, claiming that welfare is similar to an invitation to a government plantation, which creates a situation where those who accept the invitation switch mindsets from "How do I take care of myself?" to "What do I have to do to stay on the plantation?"[citation needed] She claims that stable families and strong moral values are the key to ending poverty. She has asserted a moral objection to abortion and claims that rampant abortion has hurt black families.

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