Saturday, March 24, 2012

Evangelicals and Their Music

Last night, I stumbled upon a show on tv, a Gospel hour, and my husband and I were treated to a wonderful time of evangelism. Many dismiss these southern evangelicals, and many Christians dismiss their outspoken witness to the Gospel, but boy I was thrilled to the core with this. They sing these songs with such a passion, and the lyrics bring the Scriptures to life. They can really evangelize just with their music.

A recent column on LifeSiteNews, entitled "the thing that frightens our opponents most' is an 'evangelical-Catholic alliance' gives me great hope. I would dearly love to be allied with just such evangelicals.

During the 40 Days for Life vigils in Halifax, I have come to know several dozen evangelical Protestants, both lay people and ministers, and they have a zeal and ardor for the Word that is edifying. So, if there is going to be an alliance of real believing Catholics and real believing evangelicals as the world turns darker and darker, then I say bring it on.

By the way, Guy Penrod in the video above is an interesting fellow. Google him and you will find he is the son of a Texas pastor, and he has been with the Gaithers musical group for 14 years, and has now gone out solo. Well, not really solo, because he will be having his eight children singing with him as well. Yes, seven sons and one daughter, a farmer who drives a half-ton and listens to country music in his truck, this is the kind of guy who will lead Christians in the days to come.

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