Monday, March 5, 2012

Development and Peace - NO!

Once again, the Share Lent Collection time has rolled around and my church bulletin this week has excerpts from a letter from Archbishop Richard Smith, president of the Canadian Council of Canadian Bishops. He encourages us to be as generous as your means allow in support of this collection, which will be used by Development and Peace to help farmers in the global south, especially in using methods to "cool the earth".

No, Archbishop, not a penny from me because D & P is still giving money to organizations in the global south that have been shown to be supporting abortion and birth control.

While the U.S. bishops valiantly fight a mandate by the Obama administration forcing people of faith to cover contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs, the Canadian bishops’ international development arm is supporting a Haitian group that has been caught handing out free contraceptives.
The two Archbishops who lead the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) visited the group, called the Association pour la promotion de la santé integrale de la famille (APROSIFA), with leaders from Development & Peace in December as part of a solidarity trip.
Simple web searches reveal that APROSIFA has produced literature on how to obtain abortions and runs a health clinic in a Port-au-Prince shantytown that offers “family planning.”

So Con or Bust

There are plenty of organizations where we can give our financial donations without wondering how that money is actually being used. Unfortunately, the Canadian bishops have not cleared up the controversy surrounding D & P, and they do not even seem to be concerned about it. Tough, my money will go elsewhere and I suggest that yours does too.

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