Thursday, February 2, 2012

Old Age Pensions and Children

Every time I turn on the radio or television, I hear someone discussing the pension problem that has been raised as a major issue in Canadian politics this week. Everyone agrees that the current system of old age pensions is unsustainable. And they all state the known facts: an aging population, longer life expectancy, the choice of 65 as the retirement age in a prior generation when people didn't live as long or as healthily as now. On and on they go, I keep waiting to hear someone state the bleeding obvious, but no one does.

People are not having sufficient kids to keep the number of tax payers that are required to maintain a society that depends upon social benefits. The old age pension is just one of those benefits, universal health care is another, unemployment insurance is another, disability insurance is another. Why can't they see this? And if they do, why does no one say it?

Are they afraid of stating that we simply aren't having enough children to have a healthy population demographic? Is there anyone out there willing to state what is politically incorrect? That this generation and the one before it has been so concerned with its own comfort that it has chosen to have one child or none. We have become so selfish that we think only of our own lives, and no longer give any thought to the future of our culture.

Someone please say it, someone please be willing to take the flack for saying what people need to know. Have children, people, have kids - if not for yourselves, have them for the future generations.

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