Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Obama a 'rock star' president

As for Obama, he said, "Back in 2008, the American people in a time of crisis went for a rock star that they believed could solve their problems."
- Santorum says Obama elected as a 'rock star'

I find this a particularly apt statement. Whenever I watch President Obama make an address, his posture and his method of engaging the crowd does seem more fitting of an entertainer than of a political leader.

And his recent singing for his fawning followers gives concrete evidence that he is trying to charm people with warm fuzzies, rather than deal with concrete problems.

I hope that the American people will wake up in time and realise that they need a leader with clear insights on American problems and one who has solid solutions for those problems. Right now, they seem mesmerized by this man who speaks without content and now is resorting to singing his way back into the White House.

Obama sings the blues

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