Thursday, February 23, 2012

GOP Debate in Arizona

Last night was the last debate of the remaining four GOP candidates. Thank goodness, it did not dissolve into an all-out attack on Rick Santorum for his views on contraception. I think the credit for that goes to Newt Gingrich who pre-empted the question by stating that the question was inappropriate and asked why was Obama never questioned on his support of infanticide when he voted for killing babies who survived abortions. What is really at stake is not contraception in America, but the state's power to mandate the lives of private citizens in areas where religious freedom is paramount. I think Newt seized the moment and turned the debate in the direction it should go.

I regret that Gingrich has lost support, because he really is the smartest one of the crew and he best understands what is at state in this next election: that is the necessity to get rid of this president who will turn his government into a tyranny and the need to understand the dangerous times we live in vis-a-vis the threat of Arab attack.

As far as who seemed to do best in the debate, I would have to say I think that Mitt Romney fared the best. Rick Santorum stepped up to the plate and he is certainly a man of his convictions. But I felt easier about Romney taking the lead, knowing that anyone in the White House next term is better than the present occupant. And therefore, whoever gets the nomination should have full support of all conservatives so that an all-out attack can be launched against a second term of Mr. O.