Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Alberta Oil Sands

The oil sands have long under fire for how much they contribute to Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. According to a secret federal memo unearthed through access to information, emissions growth from the oil sands is projected to be greater over the next decade than all other Canadian economic sectors combined.
- Black Bears and Alberta Oil Sands

These folks need to read Ezra Levant's book Ethical Oil. Levant has the stats to show that one coal mine in China (and they are opening two each week) produce more carbon emissions than all of the oil production in Canada.

Yet environmentalists are not lining up to voice their grievances against China. Nor are they protesting at oil sites in the Arab world, where black bears may not be killed, but certainly human beings are.

These environmentalists seem driven by some kind of desire to return to earlier times, those times before industrialisation and before modern technology. The very things that have given them their longer life expectancy, and their great quality of life, and the ability to protest those things too. They really do seem out of touch with reality yet they have captured the public ear.

And activist environmentalists, flanked by Hollywood personalities whose carbon footprint exceeds that of entire towns, have managed to derail the Keystone Pipeline project that would have benefited both Canada and the US.

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