Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Their Last Wails

Pro-choicers interrupt a youth conference at the Hyatt Hotel in Washington during this year's March for Life.

"Pro-life, that's a lie; you don't care if women die."

How many times have I heard this chant from people who come out to protest pro-life events? Chants such as this reveal a basic ignorance of the issue. Abortion does not save women's lives. This statement shows that people think having an abortion will prevent a woman from dying in pregnancy. But the abortions they are advocating are done in the first trimester, when it is very rare that one can know if pregnancy will threaten a woman's life. So the abortion performed then is not done to save a life, but to simply terminate the pregnancy.

What will save women's lives is good maternal care. The kind that Matercare gives in third world countries. However, this organization was denied money by the Canadian government, whereas International Planned Parenthood was given money. The one organization, MaterCare, provides women with health care during their pregnancy and also provides medical help during delivery and after birth; Planned Parenthood only provides contraception and abortion, and in the third world, they are not there with any follow-up. So what happens to women who take abortion pills and go home to hemorrhage alone? Is that not the truly risky situation?

As for legal abortion being safe, you only have to read the stories on Operation Rescue to see that legal does not mean safe. Here in Canada, the tales of women suffering from botched abortions are carefully hidden as women would be admitted to emergency rooms of hospital and the case would be written up as something other than an abortion gone wrong.

There is such a need for information to be provided to those who remain ignorant of the real facts. But how do you get information across to people who simply shout and chant while others are waiting for a real discussion?
Perhaps they don't want information; what is going on is just the wails of those who know that something is crumbling and they are powerless to stop it.

h/t Run with Life for information on Matercare and IPPF

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