Monday, January 16, 2012

Sex Selection Abortion in Canada

Speaking of talk radio, I also heard the morning host Jordi Morgan saying that tomorrow he will talk about doctors' considering not telling pregnant women their baby's gender: being a girl could mean a death sentence.

Apparently abortion of a baby is becoming a problem amongst Asian immigrants, who prefer to have boys.

Canada is haven for parents seeking sex-selective abortions

It cites U.S. census data from 2000 that shows male-biased sex ratios among U.S.-born children of Asian parents, and a study of 65 Indian women in the United States from 2004-2009 that showed 89% of them terminated pregnancies with female fetuses.
Dr. Kale said in an interview he believes that several hundred sex-selective abortions take place in Canada each year.

One might expect that this would raise the ire of feminists, but unfortunately not.

According to Jessica Arons of the left-wing Washington think-tank the Center for American Progress, the issue raises difficult questions for women’s advocates.
“Any types of restrictions on abortion are met with skepticism by the pro-choice community generally,” she said.

As with the human rights violations of women in Muslim countries, feminists remain silent on this issue too. So which rights do they actually advocate?

On a positive note, have you noticed how the issue of abortion is raising its head in all sorts of places? This was simply not the case a few years ago. I believe that this is the fruit of prayer, because prayer exposes the works of darkness, as it brings God's light into the world. Thank you 40 Days for Life and other pro-life vigils!

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Elena said...

This issue was front and centre on the Citizen today. They had quotes from REAL Women's Gwen Landoldt as well as Joyce Arthur who protested the whole thing with some insane argument. I was, however, impressed that abortion is making it to the headlines.